I am running apache 2.4.9 on ubuntu 14.04. Apache rotates log files and archives them, so I end up with something like: access.log.2.gz, ... access.log.N.gz.

The problem with this is that it is hard to analyze them (I have to unarchive, analyze and remove them). Moreover, I do not really want these logs to lay around on the server (I would rather copy them to my local machine and remove them from server). Right now I am doing this manually, which is not so efficient.

So is there a way to configure apache to automatically send me an email with a log file right after apache rotated it? If this is not really a good idea or there is something better, I am opened to any suggestions


From man logrotate.conf

mail address

When a log is rotated out-of-existence, it is mailed to address. If no mail should be generated by a particular log, the nomail directive may be used.


When using the mail command, mail the just-rotated file, instead of the about-to-expire file.


When using the mail command, mail the about-to-expire file, instead of the just-rotated file (this is the default).

So if you set those options in your logrotate config file(s), and reduce the rotate option to 0 then you should get what you're after.

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If you use logrotate to rotate the file (probably a great idea)..then you can put in postprocessing in the configuration file for the file being rotated. If this is currently contained in a multiple file rule, then break it down and make the change. This postprocessing could be to send a file to you.

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