I'm trying to get the sample pypy test hello world application to run using uwsgi with pypy. I've attempted to build uwsgi with the pypy plugin (using python uwsgiconfig.py --plugin plugins/pypy) and pypy in my home directory.


However, when I use the command

 ~/uwsgi-2.0.4/uwsgi --plugin ~/uwsgi-2.0.4/pypy --http-socket :9090 --pypy-home ~/pypy-2.2.1-linux64/ --pypy-wsgi uwsgi_pypy_test.wsgi --pypy-lib ~/uwsgi-2.0.4/plugins/pypy/libpypy-c-x86_64_20130524.so

it exits with a OperationalError and AssertionError:

*** Starting uWSGI 2.0.4 (64bit) on [Wed May  7 11:14:46 2014] ***
compiled with version: 4.6.3 on 01 May 2014 10:11:39
os: Linux-3.8.0-35-generic #52~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 30 17:24:40 UTC 2014
nodename: mcp03
machine: x86_64
clock source: unix
pcre jit disabled
detected number of CPU cores: 8
current working directory: /var/www/pypytest/src
detected binary path: /home/alphad/uwsgi-2.0.4/uwsgi
*** WARNING: you are running uWSGI without its master process manager ***
your processes number limit is 128233
your memory page size is 4096 bytes
detected max file descriptor number: 1024
lock engine: pthread robust mutexes
thunder lock: disabled (you can enable it with --thunder-lock)
uwsgi socket 0 bound to TCP address :9090 fd 3
debug: OperationError:
debug:  operror-type: AssertionError
debug:  operror-value:


def application(e, sr):
    sr('200 Ok', [('Content-Type', 'text/html')])
    return "ciao"

Has anyone gotten pypy to run succesfully with uwsgi? I'm trying the most basic configuration here, what am I doing wrong?

  • Did you ever figure this out? I have the exact same issue (same errors). I'm running this in Docker, but I don't think that's involved. I'm using uWSGI 2.0.12, and pypy 2.4.0.
    – Gerrat
    Feb 9 '16 at 21:40
  • No, I don't think I ever got this working. I believe I settled with standard python +uwsgi + nginx
    – monkut
    Feb 9 '16 at 23:46

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