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The following is a sample server status page taken from Apache website:

Current Time: Thursday, 01-May-2014 07:38:59 UTC
Restart Time: Friday, 11-Apr-2014 18:30:33 UTC
Parent Server Config. Generation: 27
Parent Server MPM Generation: 26
Server uptime: 19 days 13 hours 8 minutes 26 seconds
Server load: 4.90 5.10 5.39
Total accesses: 200912024 - Total Traffic: 24965.1 GB
CPU Usage: u5133.55 s2390.16 cu0 cs0 - .445% CPU load
119 requests/sec - 15.1 MB/second - 130.3 kB/request
351 requests currently being processed, 417 idle workers 

I need to understand what the values in Server load stand for as the documentation did not say anything about it.

Also, from this post, I understand that the u, s and c stand for user, system and cumulative figures respectively. What do the actual numbers 5133.55 and 0 represent?

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    @Raptor, not a duplicate because I have already read and linked to that page in the last paragraph of my question and I am asking the meaning of those numbers. – Question Overflow Aug 10 '15 at 9:39

The server load entries are the CPU load values for the server.

I believe the numbers for user and system indicate the total cpu time, in seconds, that httpd has been using. This would only count time the threads are actually in the running state, not sleeping. So yours has spent 85.55 minutes in userland, and 39.83 minutes running system calls.

  • Thanks, that's a very useful article about CPU load. However, if 5133.55 represents the amount of time the CPU spent running as user, then what is 0? And why is CPU load given as 0.445% when the one-minute Server load (CPU load value) is 4.9 (or 490%)? – Question Overflow May 2 '14 at 1:10
  • A good question. The percentage value is the amount of CPU time used over the existence of the process. eg: Your server has been up for 19d13h8m26s=(((19*24)+13)*60+8)*60+26=1688906 seconds. Apache used the CPU for 5133.55user+2390.16sys=7523.71 seconds. So the fraction is 7523.71used/1688906possible=.00445-.445% of possible CPU time taken by Apache. – Christopher Karel May 2 '14 at 19:11
  • This is fantastic. Thank! – Question Overflow May 3 '14 at 2:39

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