Can anyone spot my error here. I have the following in the minion config:

  network.interfaces: []

I expect the following to return the IP of all minions:

{% for ip in salt['mine.get']('*', 'network.interfaces', ['eth0']).items() %}
{{ ip }}
{% endfor %}

The state fails with the following:

Unable to manage file: Jinja error: 'list' object has no attribute 'lower'.

I've also tried doing it another way:

{% set hosts = salt['mine.get']('*', 'network.interfaces') %}
{% for i in hosts %}
{{ hosts[i]['eth0']['inet'][0]['address'] }}
{% endfor %}

From this I get:

variable 'dict object' has no attribute 'inet';

If I remove inet, 0 and address it works but outputs all interface info when I only want the IP of eth0.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


# use network.ip_addrs instead

  network.ip_addrs: [eth0]

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