Having some troubles exporting reports from ISE when they have a custom time period. Trying to export the past 5 months, but even a custom period of the last 4 days for example will not export.

I can view the report in the browser, but when I go to export to a repo, it never gets there. Pre-configured reports end up on the repo just fine.

In particular, it's the Registered Endpoints report I'm having trouble with.

And yes, I am performing the export from the Primary PAP.

Any suggestions? Anybody had anything similar?

  • Have raised as a TAC case. Will advise of the outcome. – Azz May 5 '14 at 1:15

Confirmed as bug CSCul08673 in ISE 1.2 by Cisco.

TAC engineer has confirmed it is still present in patch 7, and is possible it will be fixed in 1.2.1 code.

Workaround is "Use pre-configured time ranges". Which doesn't help me, because the reason I wanted the custom reports is because you can't go back far enough in the pre-configured time ranges.

Will report if I come up with a better workaround.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.

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