So I have two sites on one plesk server set out as below:




The problem is both www.site1.co.uk and www.site2.co.uk are both going to /var/www/vhosts/site1.co.uk.

This is illustrated below: enter image description here

The http conf file for site1 is: http://laravel.io/bin/6mr7E

The http conf files for site2 is http://laravel.io/bin/XLKBO

Can anyone see a solution.

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None of your vhosts contain any reference (ServerAlias) to www. for any of the domains so when you access any site with www in front, it will go to the default vhost in Apache (which is the first one that it finds when parsing the configuration for that IP:PORT).

Go to Plesk and somewhere in the hosting setup for each domain you should have a tickbox to allow the domain to be browsable with www. as well. If not, just add the www.domain as an alias, but that's just a hackish solution.

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