My question sums it up. If I navigate to a certain URL, is there a way for me to tell as a user whether or not that domain name is CNAME'ing, or performing a 302/301?

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    If an http redirect (301/302) happens then the url changes. If there is a CNAME record then nothing changes. Is that what you were going for or can you clarify? Commented May 6, 2014 at 17:23

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Sure, use dig / nslookup to check if the host is a CNAME, and use Fiddler to see if you are redirected.


no, unless you are watching the packet stream. A browser plugin could potentially let you know if you've hit a 30x redirect, but not a CNAME, only your dns resolver would be aware of that

Edit - I prefer MichelZ answer, was unaware of Fiddler. My answer was from the angle of a traditional user in a browser...

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