Need a real FTP guru for this one I think. If you know something about pureftp please read through the below logs and see if something jumps out at you. People can log in but not post files or make directories or view their previously put files.

Problem first reported 8:31 a.m. 5/5/14

ftps://...:990 OSX Server 10.5.8
Client Filezilla FTP client: Error: critical file transfer error Client Transmit on Mac when trying to create a directory error: Error -140: remote mkdir failed

Attempted stopping/starting ftp daemons, and restarted server but same result.
I did not build this system but I need to find out a resolution. Below are snippits of relevant log files. It is difficult to distinguish what is normal from abnormal but the error log in particular has a lot of concatenation

040xserve002:log admin$ sudo cat ftp.log

May 5 15:40:32 040xserve002 pure-ftpd[2384]: (?@tardis.domain.com) [INFO] Logout.

May 5 15:40:38 040xserve002 pure-ftpd[2392]: (?@tardis.domain.com) [INFO] New connection from tardis.domain.com

May 5 15:40:39 040xserve002 pure-ftpd[2392]: (?@tardis.domain.com) [INFO] test.student is now logged in

May 5 15:40:39 040xserve002 pure-ftpd[2392]: (test.student@tardis.domain.com) [INFO] Logout.

040xserve002:log admin$ sudo cat ftpswrap.log

2014-05-05 15:43:53,354: INFO: Connection from tardis.domain.com (

2014-05-05 15:43:54,039: INFO: Login from tardis.domain.com (

040xserve002:log admin$ cat ftpswrap-external.log

2014-05-05 15:30:17,953: INFO: Connection from tardis.domain.com (

2014-05-05 15:30:18,702: INFO: Login from tardis.domain.com (

You can see I attempted to connect and upload a file at 15:23:43. The user that reported the problem, winrob..., posted files earlier.

040xserve002:log admin$ sudo cat homework-ftpd-client.2014-05.log

(This displays a connection where I was able to log in but not able to upload a file)

[Mon May 5 15:23:33 2014][2239:-][CONNECTION FROM] #1

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:-]USER coljas0614

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614][UNRESTRICTED IP]

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614]SYST

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614]FEAT

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614]OPTS UTF8 ON

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614]PWD

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614]TYPE I

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614]PASV

[Mon May 5 15:23:43 2014][2239:coljas0614]MLSD

[Mon May 5 15:23:44 2014][2240:-][CONNECTION FROM] #2

[Mon May 5 15:23:44 2014][2240:-]USER test.student

[Mon May 5 15:23:44 2014][2240:test.student][UNRESTRICTED IP]

[Mon May 5 15:23:44 2014][2240:test.student]QUIT

[Mon May 5 15:23:44 2014][2240:test.student][ENDED BY CLIENT]

[Mon May 5 15:23:54 2014][2239:coljas0614]PASV


[Mon May 5 15:23:54 2014][2239:coljas0614]STOR jasontest2

[Mon May 5 15:24:00 2014][2239:coljas0614][ENDED BY CLIENT]

[Mon May 5 15:25:12 2014][2253:-][CONNECTION FROM] #1

040xserve002:log admin$ sudo cat homework-ftpd-error.2014-05.log

could not find student's student_id at /usr/local/ftp_homework/scripts/HomeworkFTP/Server.pm line 311, line 2. at /Library/Perl/5.8.8/Net/FTPServer.pm line 2353, line 2. Net::FTPServer::ANON('could not find student\'s student_id at /usr/local/ftp_homewo...') called at /usr/local/ftp_homework/scripts/HomeworkFTP/Server.pm line 311

>Net::FTPServer::HomeworkFTP::Server::user_login_hook('Net::FTPServer::HomeworkFTP::Server=HASH(0x801794)', 'test.student', undef) called at /Library/Perl/5.8.8/Net/FTPServer.pm line 4662
Net::FTPServer::_PASS_command('Net::FTPServer::HomeworkFTP::Server=HASH(0x801794)', 'PASS', 'test') called at /Library/Perl/5.8.8/Net/FTPServer.pm line 3002
Net::FTPServer::run('Net::FTPServer::HomeworkFTP::Server') called at /usr/local/ftp_homework/scripts/homework-ftpd.pl line 34

Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /Library/Perl/5.8.8/Net/FTPServer.pm line 5905, line 21, line 26, line 30... through line 1006...

040xserve002:log admin$ sudo cat homework-ftpd-xfer.2014-05.log

Fri May 2 12:12:37 2014 0 126 / a _ o r burbru0525 ftp 0 * c

Fri May 2 12:14:29 2014 0 126 / a _ o r burbru0525 ftp 0 * c

Mon May 5 11:35:26 2014 1 258 / a _ o r burbru0525 ftp 0 * c

Mon May 5 11:35:29 2014 0 417 /PTT214-VA/ a _ o r burbru0525 ftp 0 * c


Mon May 5 12:34:35 2014 0 126 / a _ o r yawban0510 ftp 0 * c Mon May 5 12:54:52 2014 0 258 / a _ o r winrob0319 ftp 0 * c

040xserve002:etc admin$ sudo cat /var/log/pureftpd.log


2014-03-31 23:35:12 []created /Volumes/Storage%20HD/ftp/8888/chad%20hill%20%2811B5640342%29/hill_chad_ceremony_2.jpg 226 c.hill135 724587

2014-03-31 23:50:22 []created /Volumes/Storage%20HD/ftp/8888/chad%20hill%20%2811B5640342%29/hill_chad_ceremony_3.jpg 226 c.hill135 446325

  • Please spend a few minutes reading serverfault.com/editing-help , then reformat your post so it's actually readable. While you're doing so, consider trimming the massive info dump down to the relevant details (just dumping your entire log file on us and expecting the community to dig through it is exceptionally poor form). Once you've done that this post may be reopened. – voretaq7 May 6 '14 at 20:56
  • Thank you for your feedback. Editing has been done and I think it's viewable now. Can you please re-open? – JasonC May 7 '14 at 0:08
  • Much better - thanks :-) (Sorry it took so long to reopen, I was AFK for much of the evening) - On looking at it this appears to be a bug in the FTP server (perl program?) that you're using - at least based on the log snippet you posted. If this is something you're writing we can migrate this to Stack Overflow (and you can add the code there - they could help you sort out what's up, but it looks like it's trying to look up an ID, failing, and then passing undef around...) – voretaq7 May 7 '14 at 3:48

ran the following on the ftp servers to resolve successfully:

sudo /Library/StartupItems/FTPSWRAP/FTPSWRAP restart

sudo /usr/local/sbin/homework-ftpd-init restart

sudo /Library/StartupItems/PureFTPD/PureFTPD restart

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