We are using WLST (Weblogic Scripting Language) to setup our Weblogic domains and managed servers. Now we would like to enforce the usage of UTF-8 character encoding globally.

What I found here is the method..

setDefaultCharCodeset(String codeset)

..which seems to do exactly what we need: it sets the default charset to some specified value. Now, this method is defined on the Weblogic MBean - and is accessible in WLST through the use of cmo (the "Current Management Object").

So, for example: if we have a Server named Foo we can do a


My question is: Do the properties of the MBeans/Management Objects somehow propagate through a hierarchy?

What happens if I set the charset at root level?


Will this enforce global usage of UTF-8? Or do we need to set it specifially for each managed server?

P.S. We are using WLS 12c on Solaris 11 to run a variety of J2EE applications with Oracle back ends.


Turns out the code above is not right:

The defaultCharCodeset is a field of the IIOP MBean, not the Server MBean (and also not the the domain MBean). The IIOP MBean on the other hand is a child of ther Server MBean.

I found it like this: find('defaultCharCodeset'), which gave me nice output as to where this field shows up in WLST config tree:

/Servers/AdminServer/IIOP/AdminServer          DefaultCharCodeset                                 US-ASCII
/Servers/app_1/IIOP/app_1                      DefaultCharCodeset                                 US-ASCII
(app_1 is a managed server we defined)

So the right way to do this seems to be:


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