In Windows Server 2008 R2, it is possible to read the Event Viewer for EventID 1020 which is an indication that the DHCP pool is running low on addresses.

What if I have two DHCP servers in my domain that use an 80/20 split scope to take a /24 pool of DHCP-allocated IP addresses and split it amongst the two servers according to this Technet Article? In this case, since the scope is split, how can I tell if the total DHCP pool, which is split amongst the two DHCP servers, is beginning to run low on address space?


Each server will log to it's own Event log upon running out of ip addresses in it's portion of the scope. Create a Task on each server to send an email for that Event.


I was looking at this all wrong. PowerShell is extremely slow at parsing Event Logs.

Instead, I created a script that runs the following and pipes it to a text file:

netsh server \server show mibinfo

Running the netsh command takes only a couple of seconds. I then use a separate script to parse through the DHCP stats from the above line and email our sysadmins if a split scope is becoming full.

A similar solution:


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