I have installed apache2.2.18 on my linux server.

However, while configuring it using ./configure –prefix=PREFIX command i gave a wrong prefix. I noticed it after running make install command as files got installed at wrong folder. I wanted to install them inside a subfolder in the given path.

Is there a direct way to change the prefix again to appropriate path? Am I required to reinstall it again? If yes, how as make uninstall does not work?

Any help would be appreciated

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    what is the error you get when doing make uninstall? May 15, 2014 at 9:24

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If you can not use sudo, you can't start any service - because starting service require port binding.


There is no make uninstall for apache. You will need to manually find and delete all the files copied by your make install command, most likely inside the 'PREFIX' path you specified. (If you ran make install as non-root user, and your 'PREFIX' was something like /usr, then chances are nothing actually got installed anyway.)

For future, use this handy tool instead of 'make install':


This will create an rpm or pkg file suitable for your package manager, and the package can be uninstalled if needed.

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