I am running a cluster. The home directories are mounted using NFS.

The following gives an error on the cluster:

node-a$ ssh node-b touch /home/user/testFile && rm /home/user/testFile
rm: cannot remove `/home/user/testFile': No such file or directory

However, the following works:

node-a$ ssh node-b touch /home/user/testFile && ls /home/user && rm /home/user/

I have already activated mount options sync,noac. Could this be a bug in either the linux kernel (which is on this clustering system) or in the embedded linux of the NAS providing the NFS share ?


And apparently, it is a bug in the Firmware version 2011-09-09 15:35 of the Iomega StorCenter px4-300r NAS appliance. With another NFS server, this works correctly.

Move on, nothing to see here...

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