I am searching for a generic reverse tunnel application. Here is what I have in mind: It would consist of an inside (behind nat) and outside part. The "inside" part would try to establish a connection to the "outside" part automatically. The "outside" part could accept connetions and since it has a connection to "inside" it could tunnel all the communication to the "inside" part which in turn could connect to any server behind the nat.

This seems to be such a simple concept, is there an app doing this?

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I believe you are looking for vpn possibly, more specifically a TAP vpn. OpenVPN can do this.

If you only have a few ports you want to forward, ssh works as well with the -R flag and the gateway ports option set.


That sounds like a VPN to me. Try OpenVPN http://www.openvpn.net/


Simplest solution is ssh. Check this link. It's in Polish but you can translate it using Google Translate.


If you want to do different things on the "outside" and the "inside", then OpenVPN is a good method for gluing the two together.

If you are just port-forwarding, you might just investigate port-forwarding on whatever firewall device is between you and the internet.

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