I'm working on a new project at work in PhP, and have come across something I'm unfamiliar with/can't find any help with.

In the .htaccess file for the directory I see

AuthType UWNetID
require valid-user

I have only ever seen basic, and digest here. Can someone help explain what might be going on here? Beg pardon if this is discussed someplace else, I just couldn't find a post that addressed something of this nature.

Keep in mind that UW is (University of Washington) and NetID is a student's ID and they are using Shibboleth authentication.


Basically you are able to build your own AuthType which seems to be mod_pubcookie in your case and is a Single-Sign-On for how i understand the 12 year old discussion about the same topic

gossamer apache user posts

htaccess UW Auth Type

Read Apache Authentication Documents

for auth details.

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