I'm having trouble with permissions on a samba shared folder on ubuntu server 14.04. This is the www one. But actually, it's in /home/administrateur.

As I want to preserve my www folder whatever happens, I put it in my /home/administrateur folder. For the permissions via chmod, I have 644 on files and 755 on folders. The owner is administrateur:administrateur. I activated userdir mod in order to permit apache to load any site which is in /home/administrateur/www. And it works. Now, I need this folder to be accessible from my windows network. So I added Samba. I set it up like this :

    comment = Accès R/W/X pour tous
    path = /home/administrateur/www
    guest ok = Yes
    read only = No
    create mask = 644
    directory mask = 755

It shows in my network as expected, but when I try editing anything in it from my win 7, it says that I need to have an authorization from my ubuntu-server\ administrator to modify is.

I dont want to give individual permissions, I want any machine in my network to be able to r/w/x what is shared by the ubuntu server.

What am I missing ?


If you try editing the files on ubuntu-server\ from a windows machine without using samba-credentials then you do this as guest. The guest-account itself has no permission to edit these files.

The persmissions should be 777 on files if you want r/w/x these files without using samba-credentials of the ubuntu-server.

For security reasons you should always use the samba-credentials with r/w/x permission on the share. Setting files to 777 should only be done for test purposes.

  • Thanks for answering, but the 777 return the same issue. I'm really stuck. – Neovea May 22 '14 at 15:40
  • Could you please post the output of ls -l home/administrator/? – bitskull May 23 '14 at 5:45
  • drwxrwsrwx 10 administrateur users 4,0K mai 23 09:30 www – Neovea May 23 '14 at 7:54

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