Not sure if this is correct, but i have now installed freebsd 10 on top of ZFS with jails and have created a jail for Mongodb.

For the data files I used the following:

zfs create -o atime=off \
           -o compression=lz4 \
           -o exec=off \
           -o setuid=off \
           -o checksum=off \
           -o recordsize=8K \
           -o mountpoint=/data zroot/data

When I launch my jail as:

ezjail-admin console db

the data directory is not available

what am i missing?


I am not sure what kind of data files you need a jail for, and also not sure if you can use warden to create a data jail,

warden create data --ipv4= –startauto

then try warden list or jls and jexec

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