I have a strange problem with my network.

I have a writable DC and some RODCs.each RODCs in my network had a shared folder.

although WAN link is offline,clients cannot access shared folder.but while WAN is online it's work fine.(clients and Logan with no problem )

Password Replication Policy allows the user account can be replicated from the writable domain controller to the RODC.

after one day searching i couldn't find a solution.

finally i could fix this problem by make map network drive using command line environment. i made a map network using use net command from shared resource.it's worked perfectly for all PCs my network (windows XP and win 7).

I'm wondering :

Why can i make a map network drive using net use in command line enviroment?

Why i cannot make map network drive using windows wizard?(also a cannot access server using UNC path like \IP or \Servername)

  • Your question isn't clear. You say that the clients can't access the shared folder but that you can map a network drive to the shared folder? How are they trying to access it when it fails? – joeqwerty May 24 '14 at 15:46
  • @joeqwerty:our clients have a mapped drive in their PSc. they could access they mapped drive while WAN link is online but when WAN link goes down this map drive dose not work anymore.and also when client trying to make new map network drive with windows wizard dialog it's fails.(client could not access resource).but when i tied it using command line environment and net use command it worked.so my question is why cannot make map network drive using wizard dialog? and also why users not able to access shared folders while WAN Link down on RODC Server – KF2 May 25 '14 at 3:53

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