I am trying to connect ORACLE DB behind NAT so i choose SSH TUNNEL via putty so here is the information

Global i p example:

LAN i p example :


and here is putty ssh tunnel settings


so i connected to global IP ssh session and every thing is ok tell now , but when i want to connect ORACLE DB via SQL console after ssh tunnel

sql > connect username/password@
ORA-12170:TNS Connect timeout occurred 

Your settings must be:


  • Thanks for your replay ,i had tried your answer ,but the new error is TNS 12541: Tns no listener ,and i tried Tnsping and its ok ,but with connect command the error shown above – zak May 27 '14 at 10:26
  • Full output of tnsping, netstat -tnpl and iptables-save (or iptables -L) would be very useful to start with. – stoned May 27 '14 at 16:02

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