I have a ruby on rails website that is hosted on unicorn webserver behind a nginx reverse proxy. I want to evaluate if using spdy will enhance my performance under this setup.

Specifically, I need the directions on the following:

  1. does using reverse proxy nullify the gains from using spdy?
  2. what performance/load testing tool can i use to evaluate gains from using spdy?
  3. is there a way to force nginx to only talk spdy?

In regards to the second question i found that neoload and loadrunner 12 does support spdy.

With neoload i'm having trouble getting it to recognize that my server is using spdy despite chrome://net-internals/#spdy and http://spdycheck.org/ telling me that it IS using spdy (I'm using spdy 3.1, when i used spdy 2 neoload did recognized it).



With loadrunner i don't have yet found a way to be sure that it is testing spdy. I'm using the spdy_url function however the documentation does not tell me if spdy_url assures me that spdy is being used underneath. One way to be sure would be to configure nginx to only talk spdy (third question).


here is my suggestions on your questions.

  1. actually it is not easy to evaluate spdy performance gain. It depends on what your website style. Does it include a lot small objects or just a few large images? For a more academic answer you can refer here : "How speedy is SPDY?"

  2. if your website is public now, you can use WPT : http://www.webpagetest.org by enabling or disabling the SPDY you can find the performance gain.

  3. I think both nginx and mod_spdy will speak plain HTTPS if the client unable to speak SPDY. If you wanna an only-SPDY HTTPD, you can try spdylay, which provide a spdy proxy tool -- shrpx

  • I had initially discarded webpagetest.org because it is too simple. What i needed was a more sophisticated tool where i could define a navigation path for users( signing in, navigating to links, clicking some stuff and signing out, for instance). In the end, i used selenium because it used the browser (which makes it easy to check if spdy is being used) and because with it i had enough flexibility to define the navigation path that i wanted. Questions 1 and 3 remains unanswered (my client decided not to use spdy anyway so i didn't needed to persue those answers further). – tulio84z Jul 30 '14 at 17:42

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