I'd like to set up an lxc container on an ubuntu host with multiple back-end disks. At least two:

/opt, maybe

Is there a way to, in one lxc-setup command, to accomplish this? Below is what I"ve curently been using to create containers:

sudo lxc-create -t ubuntu -n ubuntu32 -B lvm --vgname=lxcDG --lvname=lv-lxc-ubuntu32 \
    --fstype=ext4 --fssize=5G -- -a i386

I'm having need similar to your's.

I think I found a solution but not with a single command:

Assuming your lxc container already exists and is located in /var/lib/lxc/mycontainer/, you'll find a file named fstab, probably empty. Assuming you created a logical volume named lv, in the volume group vg0, ext3 formated, and you want to use it in your container. Add the following line:

/dev/vg0/lv mnt ext3 defaults 0 0

Try to start your container:

lxc-start -n mycontainer -F

Log in and check you see and access some files contained in lv (if not, mount your volume in the host, create a file and unmount it, before starting the container).

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