I want to measure the overhead in creating a TCP connection.

I know of many tools like hping and netperf, but they seem oriented at measuring latency.

I want to know how long the 3-way handshake takes, and allocating any buffers, etc., and then closing it. So I want to open a real, legitimate TCP connection, and then close it.

Are there any tools that will do that and help me measure performance?


I think what you're asking is some way of measuring the time it takes from the first SYN packet to the first non-zero payload packet on a TCP connection?

Tcpdump is a useful tool in this regard and Theo Schlossnagle has written how this can be achieved. I've used the technique he described to good effect.

  • Closing the connection too, but yes. – Paul Draper Jun 1 '14 at 3:52

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