I need to listen events on port 3240 and I'm using node.js for that purpose. I need to execute my script with forever tool. I also need to run forever on server reboot.

When I run forever glh.js everything works: forever list says there is a running process.

But when I'm trying to run forever on server reboot I can't get it working.

I've created a file in /etc/init.d with the following content:


/var/www/yan/data/gitlabhook/runglh.sh &>/var/www/yan/data/gitlabhook/runglh.log

When I reboot the server, the output log is the following (the same as when I run it manually via console):

info:    Forever processing file: glh.js

But in this case forever doesn't start a process. forever list outputs:

info:    No forever processes running

So at last I figured out that the script runs on reboot and is working, it is just not outputed by forever list. Seems to be a forever's bug.

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