Since Google Cloud DNS does not currently support the record types for DNSSEC, is there any way to begin implementation of DNSSEC using TXT records? If I were using Google Cloud DNS, which I am, and they currently only support record types which include SOA, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SPF, SRV, PTR and TXT: am I able to do it while constricted to these record types? Or do I have to wait until support is hard-coded into the service?

I am just wondering because I would really like to ensure absolute integrity for my company so that I only convey realness in it's purity. =D


DNSSEC is now in alpha for Cloud DNS. You can request access for testing.


Internet Software Consortium, DNSSEC Look-Aside-Validation FAQ:

DNSSEC Record Types

DNSSEC adds several new record types. These automatically generated by signing tools and not edited directly. However, understanding their relationship to one another can help if problems occur.

  • DNSKEY [...]
  • RRSIG [...]
  • NSEC [...]
  • NSEC3 [...]
  • DS [...]
  • DLV [...]

So, no. But if you need the feature, you are free to use a DNS service which does support DNSSEC in one way or the other. Most mass-hosters don't yet, though.


DNSSEC is now in beta, this means is available for the public, but doesn't provide any SLA. Here is the Configuration guide.

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