This problem has been there in OpenSuSE 10.1-12.3 and (K)Ubuntu 10.04-14.04 and I'd like to get rid of it now:

We have a common software directory on an NFS share. Client-side autofs setup

# /etc/auto.master
/-   /etc/auto.direct --ghost --timeout 30


# /etc/auto.direct
/usr/mysoft   -fstype=nfs,defaults   myserver:/exports/usr/mysoft

Problem: Of course, the directory /usr/mysoft/bin is in the $PATH, and when myserver is unavailable, all clients stall. That is:

  • Login (even on tty1 shell) takes minutes to bring up bash prompt (if ever)
  • Hitting the Tab key for shell completions sends the terminal into deadlock
  • No binary (even if installed locally) can be launched

Is there a way to overcome or at least moderate that effect?

Does the position of /usr/mysoft/bin in the $PATH matter?

  • I think the best way would be to remove to the directory from PATH – Bonsi Scott Jun 12 '14 at 4:24

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