I have an Nginx that redirects to several different web servers based on URL path after host.

My Nginx host is nginx.main.com

current redirect rules are

 # Redirects for Math     
     location ~ ^/(math)($|/) {
     proxy_pass  http://www.aaa.com:8081;
     include /etc/nginx/proxy.conf;
     break;   }

  # Redirects for CS  
     location ~ ^/(cs)($|/) {
     proxy_pass  http://www.aaa.com:8082;
     include /etc/nginx/proxy.conf;
     break;   }

This causes

http://nginx.main.com/math/index.html to be redirected to http://www.aaa.com:8081/math/index.html


http://nginx.main.com/cs/index.html to be redirected to http://www.aaa.com:8082/cs/index.html

(My 2 aaa sites sit on IIS on two different ports and 2 different base dirs)

Because of IIS restrictions I dont want the '/math/' and '/cs/' to be added to the destination URL.

e.g., I want

http://nginx.main.com/math/index.htm to be redirected to http://www.aaa.com:8081/index.html

Is this possible with Nginx ?

  • Do you misuse word redirect instead of (reverse) proxy? – Alexey Ten Jun 11 '14 at 12:53

This should work, if I understand you question correctly

location /math/ {
    proxy_pass  http://www.aaa.com:8081/;
    include /etc/nginx/proxy.conf;

location /cs/ {
    proxy_pass  http://www.aaa.com:8082/;
    include /etc/nginx/proxy.conf;

I see no reason to use regexp locations, so I changed them to simple. Also break directive does nothing in this config.

I've added trailing slash to proxy_pass so nginx replaces location prefix with this slash and result is http://nginx.main.com/cs/index.html proxied to http://www.aaa.com:8082/index.html.

  • This didn't work, it still passes the /cs or /math to the destination web server. I found that using "rewrite ^/math(.*)$ $1 break;" will do the trick though ! – thedrs Jun 17 '14 at 15:36
  • One more problem that arose after using rewrite... Any root resource that is accessed from the destination site (e.g., /scripts/foo.js) ruins the whole proxy scheme here because it will try to access nginx.main.com/scripts.foo.js which obviously does not exist. So the only solution left is to use vhosts with their own DNS (e.g., math.main.com and cs.main.com) :P – thedrs Jun 17 '14 at 15:40

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