I've recently upgrade my Ubuntu server install to 9.04. I'd like to install and use ufw. Is there a way to import my existing iptables into ufw? I'm worried about switching it on, and having all my ports closed. I'd like to open up a single additional tcp port, but don't want to go through the complicated process of changing my iptable rules.

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Manually put your old rules in "/etc/ufw/before.rules" or "after.rules". These are in standard iptables format. There is also var/lib/user.rules, but these are overwritten by adding rules via ufw. Put your existing rules in place, add your new rules via ufw allow, and enable ufw afterwards.

  • I haven't configured iptables in over a year, so I don't want to relearn the process just to open a tcp port. This is exactly what I need to get going with ufw.
    – brianegge
    Aug 31, 2009 at 23:28

ufw is an intuitive frontend to iptables for newbies.

If you already grok iptables, I see no reason why you should switch.


i guess you can keep your iptables rules and do something like this:

  1. open a screen window
  2. sudo ufw enable && sleep 120 && sudo ufw disable (be sure it wont ask you passwd :D)
  3. do you testing and in a worst case scenario wait 120 secs

With this method you can test certain rules, without having an issue when you have to go to the co-loc.

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