I'm attempting to configure SMTPS in Virtualmin and am running into a roadblock. I followed the instructions here without a problem but when I do the autoconfigure in Thunderbird it still says that the outgoing mail is unencrypted.

The steps I took (outlined in the link above) are that I added SMTP to the virtual server through Edit Virtual Server and then copied the SSL certificate over to Postfix via Manage SSL Certificates. I restarted the whole server for good measure as well. Might I be leaving something out?

I suppose I could try doing the manual configure in my email client (in case autoconfigure isn't picking up on the encryption), but I don't know what the proper outgoing parameters are for the manual configuration with regard to SSL and Authentication.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


After following the instructions here, as mentioned above, I changed my autoconfig server template under System Settings > Server Templates (and under the dropdown menu "Edit template section") > Mail client auto-configuration. In the section Thunderbird auto-configuration XML, under the heading outgoingServer, I changed the port from $SMTP_PORT to $SMTPS_Port and selected XMLtemplate below as opposed to Automatically generated. My XML template is therefore as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<clientConfig version="1.1">
  <emailProvider id="$SMTP_DOMAIN">
    <displayName>$OWNER Email</displayName>
    <incomingServer type="imap">
    <outgoingServer type="smtp">

If the variable $SMTPS_Port doesn't work for you, you can try manually entering port 465. If you have any other issues, I'd recommend this VirtualMin forum post where I got the answer.

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