What are the requirements and things to know to move an LXC container from an host to an other ?


AFAIK, we haven't working and stable solution for this task. Bleeding of edge technology for containers live migration are OpenVZ and P.Haul (part of CRIU project): https://github.com/xemul/p.haul

As main requirement I will mention vanilla kernel from kernel.org.


I use Duply to backup LXC containers. Unlike backing up a normal machine you DO want to include /dev from the LXC container in the backup.

Exclude the following files from the backup:

- /var/lib/lxc/*/rootfs/lost+found
- /var/lib/lxc/*/rootfs/media/*
- /var/lib/lxc/*/rootfs/mnt/*
- /var/lib/lxc/*/rootfs/proc/*
- /var/lib/lxc/*/rootfs/run/*
- /var/lib/lxc/*/rootfs/sys/*
- /var/lib/lxc/*/rootfs/tmp/*

& see my notes here for further details.

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