I want to connect liferay to zimbra in Virtual Box and I need to fill this form :

![Capture of liferay try to connect to ldap in VB]

enter image description here

I got the url and password from the output of this command :

zimbra@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu$ zmlocalconfig -s zimbra_ldap_password ldap_master_url
zimbra_ldap_password = uGNs5PjD
ldap_master_url = ldap://ubuntu.formation.com:389

please I want to know if the other information are alright ??

Thank you


Your base DN should be the name of the domain that your zimbra server is responsible for, but in distinguishedName syntax. That is, if your domain were example.com, the Base DN would be dc=example,dc=com. If your domain is sub.example.com, then your base DN would be dc=sub,dc=example,dc=com. Your domain name may not be the same as your server name, depending on your setup.

Also, your principal is likely incorrect. The value of zimbra_ldap_userdn is probably what you should use, by default it's uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra, which is likely why you can't connect now. You could also use/create another appropriate DN within zimbra's LDAP, but I'm not sure how well that would be handled by upgrades (more the relevant ACLs, rather than the dn itself).

$ zmlocalconfig zimbra_ldap_userdn
zimbra_ldap_userdn = uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra
  • Ok thanks ill put in "Base DN" and please what should I do about "Principal" and "credentials" I got some of the information from "/opt/zimbra/data/ldap/ldap.bak" but it's not workin at all and I need to get it done as soon as possible thank you – SoukaProgrammer Jun 19 '14 at 8:32
  • @SoukaProgrammer I think you've misunderstood. I've edited in an attempt to clarify. – 84104 Jun 20 '14 at 6:33

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