I'm currently trying to update my duo_security application that I installed 4 years ago. I'm following the instructions, but I hit a roadblock when it says:

Note: You'll need to use the same --prefix as when you originally installed the app.

Now the question is how do I find out where was this was originally installed to use as the prefix variable?

And one final question, when you do a sudo make install, does this install actually copy files all over the system like how windows does it? Or does it just stay in the current directory of the install?

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Have a look at your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file for the ForceCommand directive for login_duo. My handbuilt system shows

ForceCommand /usr/local/sbin/login_duo

so the --prefix was /usr/local which is I think the default, what comes before the /sbin/login_duo will be the prefix.

When you make install it will overwrite the files except those noted.

For some distros Duo now supply repos or pre-built packages. It may be worth removing your current installation and switching to one of these if available.

  • what is the directory sbin for? ... ok i looked at my sshd file and it shows "ForceCommand /usr/sbin/login_duo" --- so i would use --prefix=/usr ? Commented Jun 22, 2014 at 3:19

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