DROP       all  --  114-43-XXX-XXX.dynamic.hinet.net  anywhere
DROP       all  --  118-161-XXX-XXX.dynamic.hinet.net  anywhere

These are just two of the several restrictions I have in IPTables right now because this person is constantly connecting to postfix. Luckily, the server does not allow him to send messages because relay access is denied. I would still like to block this person from accessing my server. Is there a way to block the whole group of IP's using dynamic.hinet.net instead of specifying IP Addresses everytime?

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It's not a single person or a single PC you're seeing. It's just infected clients with botnets, which spammers use to find open relays so that they can send their junk. Keep the server running for a few months without deleting logs, and you'll find millions of them.

I suggest that you make 100% sure that your server does not allow relaying, and that you install simple extensions to your mail server to block of 99% of the attempts without filling your iptables ruleset.

The ones that come to mind:

  • Strict SPF checking
  • RBL's
  • DKIM (not widely adopted yet)

All these provide very little overhead - everything is based on DNS which is an excellent transport for these kind of services. Make sure you use a DNS server that has a large cache available (like Googles).

  • Absolutely no need to use IpTables for a relay check - postfix can do that as easy and as well. Well said. – TomTom Jun 23 '14 at 14:57
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