I have just decided to set up my site using ColdFusion clustering in the staging environment. I need to find out what code adjustments are required when we move to a cluster environment. I have two machines where Coldfusion server is installed. Till now Steps I followed:

  1. On CFServer_1 I have created a instance.(cfinstance_1)
  2. On CFServer_2 I have created another instance. (cfinstance_2)
  3. On CFServer_1 I have created a Cluster using these two instances.
  4. Now on CFServer_1 I have created a IIS site(testsite.com) pointing to my codebase.
  5. Now On CFServer_1, Using the Web Configuration Tool I have associated testsite.com with the cluster.

Now my question is Do I also need to set up the code base on the second server(CFServer_2), Create a site in IIS with same name(testsite.com) and associate the site with the cfinstance_2?


Please Refer to this question of Adobe forum.


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