I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I installed the code at the bottom of each page before the body tag but after 3 or 4 days the GA webpage is giving me no response ( just the yellow triangle)

I previously asked this question and much to my embarrassment i uploaded the incorrect version of the website with no GA code at all.

Now I have and its still not responding

What am I doing wrong?


Thanks for any help!


You have an extra slash in the close script tag. Use </script> rather than <//script>.

And you may want to run your pages through an HTML validator to make sure there is nothing else wrong with the code.

  • thanks ill try that out If its write ill Check you till then +1 – Crash893 Aug 31 '09 at 16:02

The code you've used isn't the same as the code google says to use here. You've got part of the document.write line missing from your code. You also seem to have two slashes at the end of a lot of your tags, and also preceding some of your quotation marks (from attempts to escape them in your code?).


I found the following article on the Google Help, which may answer your question.

What should I know about using Analytics with framed sites?

1. Where should I place my tracking code?

We recommend that a site which uses frames include the tracking code in the section of the frameset page, as well as directly before the tag of each child frame that you want to track. (The tracking code goes into the head section of the frameset page, as these documents don't contain a body section.) If you place your tracking code within a tag thinking that it's equivalent to the body, the code will not run and no data will be recorded.


copy and paste code that has been provided to you by google and before last enter paste that code there... and you done

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