I'm using puppet to manage my linux systems. I have to use /etc/puppet directory to keep manifest files instead of user home directory, and I want to manage them by git. But because /etc/puppet's owner is root, after I execute 'sudo git init', I always need to use sudo for writing(git add, git commit, etc).

  1. Are there any way to avoid using sudo? If I have to manage system directory using git, do I have to always use it?

  2. Is it OK to use sudo using git repeatedly? I've never done that, because I always edited source files in my home directories.


Puppet makes some assumptions about the permissions of some files in /etc/puppet (and the directory itself, I believe). As such, you likely will not be able to make that location writeable to your regular account.

This is usually not a good choice anyway. If you want to work in /etc/puppet directly, you should work as root - sudo is an ill fit here. Try sudo su or sudo -i.

Note that you can make Puppet read manifests from locations outside of /etc if you set appropriate

options in puppet.conf.

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