We are having issues with an ADFS environment (providing authentication for a Dynamics CRM 2011 IFD installation), symptoms are as follows:

  • We navigate to https://crm.domain.com:444
  • We see the ADFS authentication form
  • We enter valid credentials
  • We are redirected to the authentication URL
  • Instead of being redirected to the site, a Windows auth popup shows up, requesting credentials, stating "The server https://auth.domain.com requires a username and password" [auth.domain.com is the ADFS server]
  • Any credentials we input in the popup leads to some waiting, and the popup shows up again
  • If we navigate away and go back to https://crm.domain.com:444 we are not asked again to authenticate but the popup shows up immediately (so it seems ADFS authentication has indeed worked).

We already tried to reboot all servers:

  • DC first
  • DB second
  • ADFS/CRM last

Customer's IT person is at a loss too (he's new to ADFS, and we are devs not IT people ourselves so out knowledge is hit and miss). Is there any known solution ?

I'll add more info/specs as needed (I'm not sure what's relevant).


I suspect the authentication settings on the virtual directories have been messed about with.

Ensure /adfs virtual directory is set to anonymous only

Ensure /adfs/ls is set to anonymous and Windows Integrated Auth both only.

  • I forgot to follow up on this: authentication settings were indeed off, after fixing them like you suggested everything went back up. Further investigation revealed that a third party was working on some kind of unrelated web app, and was oblivious about the ADFS having stopped working ... – Alex Mar 12 '15 at 8:15

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