I have foreman installed on an ubuntu 14.04 server.

Now following problems:

I have installed many puppetlab modules (puppetlabs/apt, puppetlabs/ntp, etc). After a click on "Import from..." I were able to import these puppet classes.

Now I have written my own puppet module. I am able to install it with

puppet module install andlinger-java

Now I click "Import from.." again, but it shows "No changes to your environments detected".

Whats wrong with my module?

All modules are installed in the same path. /etc/puppet/environments/production/modules/


The module has a syntax error so Foreman's proxy can't parse it to report the classes inside. Run Puppet's validator to see this:

$ find . -name *.pp -exec puppet parser validate {} +
Error: Could not parse for environment production: All resource specifications require names; expected '%s' at andlinger-java-1.0.1/manifests/init.pp:17

The line in question should use a capital letter for "exec" for resource defaults:

Exec{user => root, path => [ "/bin", "/usr/bin" ]}

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