We have a classic ASP website that seems to be randomly falling over, problem is its on Win2008 / IIS7 so when by chance it happens all we can see is a 505 page?? I need to see the error on the page so I can fix it, any ideas how to make IIS7 work like IIS6 and display the errors on the page?

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Check to see if 'Send Errors To Browser' is configured properly:

  1. Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Browse to the website reporting errors
  3. Double-Click ASP
  4. Expand Debugging Properties
  5. Set 'Send Errors to Browser' to True
  6. Click 'Apply' at the top left of the IIS Manager

Better yet, why aren't you looking at the event log for the error, or using an error reporting framework like ELMAH to help track down issues?


It should display the error if you can RDP (or otherwise get local) on the box and pull up the page in question.

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