I'm trying to setup an SNMP trap for an HP P2000 G3 MSA SAN to report on the overall disk performance parameters (mostly I/O rates). We have a server monitor suite running which can use SNMP traps to trigger alerts to be sent to specific emails.

My problem is that I cannot find the specific SNMP walk which will allow me to do this. Both my boss and I tried separately and came to the same result. We found a package of MIB files which seemed to be for our SAN, but when imported into our server monitor it didn't seem to contain the correct OIDs.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this, and, if so, which parameter you configured?

If this is not possible with this SAN, is there a separate way to do this? Free is preferable.

As I am very new to SNMP, please excuse any misuse of terms or any misunderstanding of the protocol this post may contain. I'm still learning. In any case, I do appreciate any and all help or suggestions.


You can't pull SNMP performance stats out of the HP P2000 G3 SAN. It's a limitation.

There's a Windows host-based metrics tool available, but you're best off measuring from the consumers of the SAN data. I do believe SNMP traps can be sent for hardware alerts/failures. That configuration is straightforward from the MSA interface.

  • Thanks, I'll give it that a shot. Too bad we can't pull the performance stats. In any case, thank you for the help. – Kevin Jul 7 '14 at 21:08

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