I've been trying to find a "good" syslog server to provide centralized application login for a distributed system we've built. Our application logging system can not only log to files but also to a syslog server and we would like to utilize this feature. The following would be nice:

  • Runs as a Windows service
  • Has a reasonably good viewing/searching (via web display ideal)
  • Is open source, free, or low cost

There are numerous solutions available on Linux/Unix, but few for Windows.

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Have you tried Kiwi Syslog Server? I used it for quite a while before I started sending everything to a CentOS box... I'll confess to being a year out of date, but at the time the free version suited my needs.

  • Kiwi Syslog server is a great tool – Richard West May 10 '09 at 0:21

Splunk is free for under 500M of logs per day. It'll cover Windows and Linux and provide you with a very good web interface.


Not sure if it falls under your definition of low cost, but I think it does provide a lot of bang for the money. Look into Microsoft System Center Operations Manager


Try this application:


  1. It's web-based
  2. Stores everyting to SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (use the advanced vers. for generating reports)
  3. It's free, (But send the guy some bucks)


C# code for Syslog server is available there; uses SQL Server at backend...very robust/light and scalable...Have been using it for quite some time with no problem what so ever! Best part; source is very neatly written and you can learn some network programming!


Splunk is very popular. It listens on the syslog port among other ways of slurping up logs. It is also a very robust search engine for logs. We pay about $5k for 2GB of data indexed daily. If you are under 500MB of logs daily, it is free.

Runs on Windows as well as other UNIX flavors.

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