I have gerrit up and running I have committed my first initial change. However, I can only see the Code Review on the Review page. I went to the access page for All-Projects (from which my project inherits its ACLs) and added the Label Verify for administrators. I log into the administrator account but am unable to verify my change and push. Below is a screen shots of what I think to be correct configuration, and a screen shot of the verify label not appearing.

What is the correct way to get the verify label to show up so I can push my change?

Project Access No Verify Label

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you put the label-Verified line in the refs/meta/config stanza. It needs to be in refs/heads/* or similar.

[access "refs/heads/*"] label-Verified = -1..+1 group Administrators

for example.


You need to manually add the change to have the Verified option. You may follow the below options:

mkdir tmp
cd tmp
git init
git remote add origin ssh://admin@remote.site.com:29418/All-Projects
git fetch origin refs/meta/config:refs/remotes/origin/meta/config
git checkout meta/config

No you will be able to see project.config file. Keep the below block to that file:

[label "Verified"]
       function = MaxWithBlock
       value = -1 Fails
       value =  0 No score
       value = +1 Verified

Now commit and push this change to remote.

git commit -a
git push origin meta/config:meta/config

That's all, now you will be able to see the Verified option as well.


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