I would like to learn and play with SELinux on Slackware, my distro of choice. The kernel already includes SELinux code, so that is not a problem. Slackware does not ship with PAM, and I would prefer to avoid it if possible.

Is this simply a matter of obtaining the userland tools, and compiling without PAM support, or is there more to it?


From here:

"SELinux isn't inherently dependent on PAM or kerberos. If your system is not using PAM, then you'll need to adjust the configure options in utils/Makefile and the flags in the newrole and run_init Makefiles. Likewise with the configure options for kerberos in utils/Makefile.

But I can't really recommend that you proceed down this path. Porting SELinux to Slackware properly requires more than just hacking up configure options and Makefiles."


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