I have the latest LiteSpeed Enterprise running on my server. It was not installed with SPDY enabled.

How do I enable SPDY?

The server got lots of IPs and SSL certificates.

I've seen that it might be possible by recompiling LiteSpeed but that's nothing I feel like doing as a heavy Windows user.

The server got WHM/cPanel installed as well.


As noted in the comments, SPDY is only available in LSWS Enterprise 5.0 (and OpenLiteSpeed). Version 5.0 is currently on RC1 (and soon to be RC2), so it's not really recommended for use on production machines.

To enable SPDY on LSWS Enterprise 5.0, go to the WebAdmin console > Listeners > your listener > SSL > Enable SPDY. Then just check the version(s) of SPDY you want enabled.


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