I have applied several internet explorer settings via group policy. Especially a long list of URLs in the "site to zone assignment" setting. However it seems that one URL still falls into the "internet zone" even when assigned to the "trusted zone".

In earlier versions of internet explorer one could easily determine from the status bar into which zone an URL falls. How can this be done via IE11? Am I overlooking something obvious?

  • I also agree with Matze. Even though, Microsoft provide the information in File-Properties. but it not easy to debug. If possible I would like to ask Microsoft return this feature back or give some option to selectable. – user255256 Nov 22 '14 at 11:13

In the menu bar, if you go to File->Properties. The properties dialog shows the zone for that page.


This Microsoft created software will allow you to enter a URL and display not only the zone that falls into (including the local computer zone - there are actually four IE zones) but it will show the specific IE settings that would be applied. It's a great tool for diagnosing policy issues:


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