Oracle support had me delete the Intel IXGBE driver (/kernel/drv/amd64/ixgbe) and replace it with a Debug Driver to test something. I did this and then rebooted and am now stuck in a boot loop. Right before it crashes, I see the image below on the screen. Support has been slow to get back to me and I need this server back ASAP.

Do I just boot into "Single User Mode" off the DVD and then copy the correct IXGBE driver? I can't find documentation on how to mount my root pool while on a Live DVD and replace files. Why is a NIC driver preventing the system from booting anyway?

enter image description here

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Try booting with -B disable-ixgbe=true. Here's more on adding kernel arguments in GRUB: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26502_01/html/E28983/glyas.html


Ended up booting into a different Boot Environment through GRUB and copying the file from the old boot environment into my current corrupted one:

beadm mount 'bootenviroment name' /a

mv /a/kernel/drv/amd64/ixgbe ixgbeBAD

cp /kernel/drv/amd64/ixgbe /a/kernel/drv/amd64/ixgbe 

beadm umount 'bootenviroment name' 

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