I have a question.

I am running mesos-master as docker container. When I start it, it writes its IP to zookeeper, so any slave running on same host can connect to mesos master. Mesos-master is not accessible from any other host. Mesos-master port is available on host public IP by docker port expose I cannot run mesos-master in container with hosts public IP, because it cannot listen on ip it doesn't have

Is there any way I could propagate to zookeeper --ip=(containers local IP) and --public-ip=(hosts IP which will be propagated to zookeeper)

One solution that came to my mind was using some proxy as described by CoreOS guys here: http://coreos.com/blog/docker-dynamic-ambassador-powered-by-etcd/ But I would like to solve it elegantly with changing IP in zookeeper.

I've my docker and unit files saved here: https://github.com/veverjak/coreos-mesos-marathon

Did anyone try this?

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Easiest solution that I've found is using hosts IP addresses in container.

Docs are here

I've implemented it this way.

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