I deployed RDS on Windows 2012R2 Servers. I used that for publishing RemoteApp. RemoteApp works just fine. However, I run into display issue on multi monitors with applications (Notepad, Wordpad, 3rd party applications). If I have Notepad openS and expandS it across two monitorS. I clicked on File Menu and the drop down will show in alternate location of the screen. If I move Notepad to the 2nd monitor, the File Menu will show black arrow. I saw other people has the same problem on the web but there wasn't a solution. I wonder if anyone run into the same problem and have a solution. Thank you!

  • Is this more of an end user problem? Is there support or documentation that could help out in this situation? – Drew Khoury Jul 25 '14 at 2:52
  • I opened a case with MS and was told the bug was fixed in W2k8R2. The issue didn't occur in Windows 2012. But the issue with Windows 2012R2. – Richard Jul 25 '14 at 3:54

We are seeing something similar as well on RemoteApp 2012 servers.

If you drag the app to the primary monitor you see the full menu exploded on the alternate you see a scroll bar. If you only have one item, you can't see menu item without scrolling.

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