I'm developing a project that consists in a tomcat installation with a web app with many classes and libraries and a php side with many many folder and files.

I've got two server debian wheeze and every time i need to do a change, i necessary need to copy from ftp the edited files from local to each two servers.

If edits has been made on java classes, i need to copy .class of each edited files and restart the two tomcat instances of each server.

Is there a way to synchronize in a simple way two folders from a server to another?



There are many different ways to do this. What's best depend on your situation.

  • rsync etc.
  • Networked file system like NFS to store the data
  • Deployment scripts tied into your VCS (or standalone)
  • ...

My first look would be into hooks for your VCS - if done right, a simple git push can make all this happen.


I've read about it, but didn't use it yet: Lsyncd Maybe this can help you.

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