I would like to create a Read-only ID ( monitoring id) for the web-console on our JBoss 7.1.1 running on RHEL host. Ive been searching but couldnt find anything.

I need an account that can login and see everything but not be able to make any changes to the web console located on http://hostname.com:9990/console/


This is not possible in JBoss AS7 - all users with access to the management interface have all privileges.

In Wildfly 8 which is the successor to AS7, there is new role-based access control to administration interfaces including the web console.

Have a look at these guides:



If you are getting started with Jboss at this point in time, I would recommend upgrading to Wildfly 8 as there are a lot of changes under the hood. JBoss AS7 is basically a 'dead' release, there are no new official releases of the AS7 branch coming.

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