I have a special user called ftp just for... ftp. Now, I log in via SFTP and everything is cool BUT:

  1. I automatically log in to my home dir: /home/ftp which is not cool. If i change the default home dir, I'd have to move the SSH auth files as well to the new home (I'm thinking the new home as /var/www/site.com/public/files) which i do not want to make public the auth keys.

  2. The ftp user can see all the files in the server! This is absolutely not cool. Should i CHMOD the rest of the files? But if i mess with permissions i think will mess up something.

Any tips about how to:

  1. Automatically redirect to the public files dir upon login.
  2. Avoid the ftp user to move around the server, peeking around were it should not be!

It sounds like you want is a chroot for sftp. Here are several questions that ask the same question. Keep in mind that chroot is not really meant to be a solution for security since in some cases the user can escape from a chroot. You should make sure your system is still secure if they manage to escape the chroot. Using a chroot is a fine solution if you are just wanting to make the system easier for your users to use.

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