Is there a way to use hostgroups within a check_cluster --service check?

I've only seen examples that list out each host in the cluster individually like this:

define service{

    check_command   check_service_cluster!"Foo Cluster"!0!1!$SERVICESTATEID:host1:DNS Service$,$SERVICESTATEID:host2:DNS Service$,$SERVICESTATEID:host3:DNS Service$


But this seems very unwieldy for large clusters. Is there a way to pass it a whole hostgroup directly, $SERVICESTATEID:dns_hostgroup?


There is no way to use hostgroups or servicegroups with this plugin, unfortunately.

However: new versions of the plugins support using an extra config ("ini") file. So you could write a script to take a host/servicegroup, look up everything in it, and generate a conf file from that.

Or, you might want to look at check_multi instead. It's much better at this sort of thing, and it's easy to generate its conf via a script.

  • last release 2011/11 – Ilja Oct 22 '15 at 15:44

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